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      Vera Tcherassi's newest oil-on -canvas work ruptures with the figurative encaustics we had become accustomed to, while offering us the gifts of color and texture in their purest forms.  Broad, generous strokes of freely applied paint form harmoniously complex visual landscapes. Raw and unpretentious, these compositions arise spontaneously as a result of satisfying the sensitivity of the eye, without sacrificing the pictorial matter for the demand of a preconceived figure or stylistic notion. 

     In the true spirit of abstraction, her creativity is the end-result of hands and eyes working together to evoke and control the visual response, rather than a reasoned application of color and texture to satisfy a pre-established formula. Consequently,  the current  exhibition is a masterful demonstration of unfettered expression. These are paintings that are ultimately limited only by the soul's intimate life force's ability to manifest itself in the physical world, through paint.  The level of depth and sophistication represented by these abstractions can only be surpassed by the beauty and energy of the visual harmony, and the subtlety of the ultimate message of the composition which can only be reveled directly by the canvas to the eye.

     Vera Tcherassi was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. In 1997 she moved to the United States, living and painting in many different cities including Berkeley, CA; Pittsburgh, PA; San Diego, CA; and most recently, Ann Arbor, MI. She has been painting for over 10 years, and her work is in many private and corporate collections in San Francisco, New York, Miami, San Diego, Ann Arbor, as well as in Colombia.


Galeria Multiple Country club, Barranquilla, Colombia 1994;   Student Summer Exhibition School of the Museum of Fine Arts , Boston MA  1994;    Galeria Multiple Country Club, Barranquilla, Colombia 1995;
  Galeria Elida Lara, Barranquilla, Colombia 1996  Galeria Elida Lara, Barranquilla, Colombia, 1997;   Galeria Centro Cultural ABC (solo show), Barranquilla Colombia 1997;  Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco, CA 1998;  Consulate of Colombia  San Francisco (Solo Show), San Francisco,  CA 1999;  Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, San Francisco, CA;   1999;  Colombian Chamber of Commerce, San Diego 1999;  Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh PA 2000;  Penn Gallery (Solo Show)  Pittsburgh, PA 2000;  Colombian Chamber of Commerce, San Diego, CA 2002;  Eagle Crest Center Gallery Marriot, Ipsilanty, MI 2002;  Gallery 212 , Ann Arbor MI, 2002;   The Scarab Gallery Detroit, MI 2004;  Eagle Crest Center Gallery Marriot Ipsilanty, MI 2004;  Galeria La Barda, Barranquilla, Colombia 2004   

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