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 "My paintings freeze  a moment of time in a harmony of colors,   Beauty often manifests itself unknowingly and unpredictably, everyday and everywhere. Abstract art physically captures such manifestation of beauty as it happens and when it happens, for contemplation and enjoyment."

"Our eyes have two modes of seeing: passive and active.  Passive seeing is what we do most of the time, when we are relaxing at the cafe. or when we are viewing a landscape.   Active seeing  is what we do when we are looking for something that we have lost.  As I paint, I am actually searching for beauty and I will not be satisfied until I find it.  I paint in active eye mode."

"Expectations not only guide but also limit artistic expression.  We expect a waterfall, for example, to be painted with vertical brush strokes in the direction of falling water.  However, as our eyes view a landscape, they are continuously moving from one focal point to another. Visual perception is a dynamic interplay of the eye and the scene.  Beauty is often evoked by the way our eyes move as we look. But a great painting can also capture the dynamic nature of a visual impression, unconsciously making the viewer believe he is gazing at a scene."

 "Abstract art often presents us with this contradiction: the beauty of a part being greater than the beauty of a whole.  In art, beauty is fractal, "


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